1. Should Malibu and Santa Monica Schools Have Separate School Districts?

    2. Is the School District Doing Enough to Address the Environmental Issues at Malibu High School?

    3. Is the Current Student/Teacher Ratio of 25-32 Students per Teacher Acceptable?

    4. Should the Board Exercise More Control over District Officials?

    5. Should the District Enforce Stronger Discipline Policies for Students?

    6. Is Centralized Fundraising Working?

    7. Should There Be More Required Exercise for Students at School?

    8. Should Teachers and Students Have Access to More Technology in the Classroom?

    9. Does the District Adequately Support High School Sports Teams?

    10. Is the Quality of Education Acceptable at Santa Monica and Malibu Schools?

    11. Does the District Do Enough to Address the Minority Achievement Gap?

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